Sabina Covo is a Colombian-American entrepreneur, journalist, political analyst, TV news anchor and radio presenter. Sabina is currently the spokesperson for the Florida Department of Agriculture and a former news presenter for all the affiliated stations to GLR Networks in the US for Minuto 60, an hourly news bulleting.

She collaborates as a political analyst with CNN in Spanish, NTN 24, Univision and other TV networks and was on the advisory board of the University of South Florida’s Digital Marketing Certificate program. She recently managed Colombian Candidate Federico Gutierrez campaign in the United States and is actively involved in community outreach and media relations. 

Started her career in 1999 when she joined Telemundo as a sales support producer. Covo worked for four years with this firm, during which she presented and coordinated remotes and events. In 2003, Covo joined Metro Networks as a news reporter. She worked for two years with this firm and then left in 2005 to join PRISA as a news anchor.

After working for over a year with PRISA, Covo left to start working for NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises as a news TV reporter, where she worked for over three years.

In 2008, Covo became the PR manager and spokesperson for Audi, Latin America, where she worked for over four years. In the same year, Covo joined Miami Herald Media Company. She worked as a columnist for El Nuevo Herald for over a decade. During her tenure, Covo handled the weekly Opinion Column, in which she talked about social issues and politics. Covo left in 2020.

In 2011, Covo became a TV contributor for SBS, where she worked for over a year. In the same year, Covo became an on-air co-host for La Ventana Caracol 1260, where she hosted for over two years.

In 2013, Covo joined Canal Cartagena as the news director for Cartagena Noticias and TV host for political debates. In the same year, Covo also became a news anchor for MondoFox. She covered Colombia's 2014 election, current Affair analyst, and interviews.

In 2014, Covo became a reporter and editor for, a multilingual global magazine and online platform, where she worked for almost a year. In the same year, Covo co-founded Covo Boutique PR, a public relations firm along with entrepreneur Valeria Covo. In 2015, Covo joined America Teve as a political reporter, analyst, and anchor. Covo worked for over four years with this company.

Covo was appointed as the board member of a digital marketing program for USF, St. Petersburg, in 2018, where she worked for over a year. In the same year, Covo also became a news presenter for Gen Media Partners.

In 2020, Covo signed as TV show host of Tardes Con Sabina. She also became a news anchor for Spanish Broadcasting System.

Covo, during her career, has interviewed personalities such as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Colombian Presidents Alvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos, or international star Julio Iglesias to name a few. As a panelist, Covo has been on Mega TV’s implicados, Maria Elvira Show, multiple America Teve Shows, Ricardo Brown on Mundofox, and others in Latin America. Covo has also been a spokesperson and PR Manager for Audi Latin America, Avianca Airlines, and different clients in diverse industries.